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Main technique of defining practice

The main way to introduce practice as an object of your attention will be to ask the question of how the performer of the project role (person, team, collective, enterprise) knows how to do their job. Here is what a person does:

  • Did he come up with how exactly to do it himself? Did he peek at others?
  • Did he read a textbook, take courses? When was that? And what are leading practitioners in this discipline saying on this topic in universities, what do the experts write in blogs about this?
  • Can we imagine that we should achieve the same results as his work, but faster and cheaper, by changing the way we work? How would we start looking for this new way of working?

If you have asked these questions (the problem is that they do not come to mind! You need to have a special habit of asking these questions!), then congratulations: you are focusing on practice, and the course "Methodology" will help you reason about this practice: describe it, change versions of this practice.

The key here will be the transition from discussing the work itself (fast, slow, what resources) to the way the work is performed and then to alternative options in ways of performing the work.