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Model the alphas of your project in some universal modeler, do not forget to track their state: if you have not remembered a certain alpha for a long time and have not been interested in what is happening with it, expect surprises there. Practices emerge at the moment when you need to transition one state of some alpha to another. You must choose a practice of how this will happen, and then someone (part of the personality, personality, team, collective of several teams, enterprise, production cooperation of several enterprises) with skill in implementing this practice and all the necessary resources to perform the work on this practice will have to do this work.

When looking at anything happening in the world, ask yourself questions: "what practice is this? Do I understand it? Does the person performing this work realize the method of their work and where they got this method from? Who usually engages in this type of work, where do they learn to work exactly like this? How modern is what is happening in terms of engineering? Should this work be done in a different way, have there been evolutionary changes in the way of working?".