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System Approach Options

Systems thinking is thinking using the basic concepts and thinking methods of the systems approach. There are many different variations of the systems approach, significantly differing from each other in the degree of elaboration, terminology used, and details, but coinciding in their fundamentals. The main thing in all variations of the systems approach is the multi-level consideration of a system as part of some supersystem first, in order to then consider subsystems as parts of the system. This thought process (first to the supersystem, "up" through system levels, then to the subsystem, "down" through system levels) is carried out on many levels up and down.

It is about identifying systems, supersystems, and subsystems exclusively by focusing on a working/functional system's attention. There is no dissecting of systems into physically separate parts. During the physical assembly/disassembly when creating a system (and not during use/operation), such "construction-minded" consideration of the constructive/material parts of the system is also present, but it is not the most important in systems thinking. The main focus is when