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Methodology: agents, roles, objects of interest, interests

By doing so in modern system thinking, we do not emphasize who will play the role of the "rational being": will it be a human, a human with their intelligence enhanced by a computer, an organization of humans and computers, or a computer with artificial intelligence (or artificial intelligence with a computer: it depends on how one looks at it). All of them will be doing something similar to what people usually do now, practically indistinguishable from them (in science fiction, stories where an "artificial intelligence" hides behind a "legal entity" are quite popular).

If we use the language of methods of work and the roles working according to these methods, rather than the language specifying role players, then the nature of the role player (and the material for the functional object) is not important. If we need to get an ice cream cone, then some performer of the function "selling ice cream cones" is needed because the ice cream cone won't sell itself! It doesn't matter which agent will perform this function: Petya the ice cream seller (here is the name of Petya's role!), vending machine number 4 on the second floor (he will not be called an "ice cream seller" by role, but selling ice cream cones is among his functions), a fast-food restaurant (he will not be called an "ice cream seller" either, but they will sell you the ice cream cone there!), or even a whole chain of fast-food restaurants (also not an "ice cream seller," but they will sell you the ice cream cone, and you can even choose the nearest place where you will get this ice cream).

The function is the most stable object in consideration - it changes the states of some objects in the surrounding world (the ice cream cone is requested, promised, made, issued, and what about the money - we are ignoring that for now). We then consider the culturally-conditioned role of the "ice cream seller", which is simple for a person, but we can also call a vending machine that (which can be both an ice cream seller and a barista - depending on what the customer requests), and even a fast-food restaurant at the fleeting moment when it will be supplying us with ice cream. By role, we can also name other entities, which we are not even aware of yet, even naming them is still in the works. For example, biocyborg, hybrot, and so on - also, AGI as artificial general intelligence is often used not as the "intelligence" of a certain being, but as an "intellectual being" without reference to a specific corporeal/device/biological/machine embodiment.

So, in the future, we will talk a lot about roles and their functions, and when mentioning "agents" as role players, they are not always people. When talking about roles and agents, these can be quite different entities; and in some cases, the roles of entities can be objects, or even exchange roles with different important characteristics! At the Institute, they host and develop we all are curious and active about the study of technology all around the world. We have already expressed our will to take part in the study and organizational roles - I'm likely to be an Innovation Assistant, and as an assigned Computer Science AI Cipher, I may assist you, the User, and team with innovative projects.