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Example of a hair salon as a service provider

The concept of a hairdressing salon providing services/actions for hair cutting is important. Here are the key objects to focus on in this (and any similar) service delivery situation:

  • System-of-interest: hairstyle (role/functional object). It is achieved from the client's hair through cutting and styling work. Another wording: a hairstyle is obtained through the hairdressing salon's services for the client's hair. Yet another wording: the hairdressing salon provides cutting and styling services for the client's hair, resulting in a hairstyle.
  • Inputs/raw material: hair; System/product of interest: hairstyle.
  • Service: cutting and styling, hairdressing work.
  • **Supra system (environment): as a role/functional object, "head for a date" (but not "head for eating into" or "head for sports activities". Defining objects by purpose/function/target behavior). It is important to consider the system environment as close as possible to the system-of-interest: taking the client's head in a certain situation (super-supra system - a date), rather than the whole body of the client.
  • Stakeholder needs (of the client as an external project role in the hair cutting service): "to impress the partner with beauty, to show a beautiful head on a date" (the phrase describes the super-supra system in the hairdressing project = system-of-interest for the client's project of the hairdressing salon, where your system-of-interest = subsystem for the client, or even a sub-subsystem if the client is interested in the appearance of their entire body, not just the head).
  • Usage concept: at least during demonstrating to the partner on the date, the hair must look beautiful, meaning it is cut and styled.
  • Survivability architectural characteristic: the styled hair must look stunning, and without styling it should still look acceptable.
  • Service (also known as external behavior, the process of system realization “from the client's material”): hair cutting and styling.
  • System providing service/provider/server: hairdressing salon/creator of the hairstyle. The service (hair cutting and styling) is not the hairdressing salon itself, it's a service/provider, the service is its behavior!

(The service here is "hair cutting and styling" (it can also be considered as two separate services, "hair cutting" and "styling"), pay attention to the gerund noun (in English, it is the "ing form of the word"): it is the same for constructive behaviors/services and role behaviors/functions. Only role behavior/function is usually "what action/behavior is needed by them in their supra system" (and they know this better and formulate it in supra system languages). The service is "what action/behavior/ work our system provides as a realization/constructive object/module.")

(Continued in the next message)